1/2 Share Pork (Deposit Only)



UPDATE: We are sold out for 2024 but are accepting deposits for our October 2025 butcher date.

Reserve your share today! A $150 deposit secures you a share for our fall butcher date. Your deposit will be applied to your final purchase price which will vary based on the weight of the animal. 1/2 shares are billed at $6.50/lb. hanging weight. A 1/2 share of pork usually runs about 100-125lbs and includes the following (approximately):

10-15 lbs of Pork Chops

7-10 lbs of ground pork

2-6 lbs of spare ribs

10-15 lbs of ham

3-5 lbs pork shoulder 6-10 lbs pork belly (bacon)

2-4 lbs pork shoulder steak

3-5 lbs ham hocks

and some extras. Processing and custom cut and wrap is up to you. You will be able to tell the butcher exactly what you want done with your share.

An additional $1/lb is paid to the butcher for cut & wrap. Smoking and curing are an additional fee if desired. All deposits are held in a separate account and are only refundable if a production problem occurs.


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