Howdy pork lover!

We are so glad you’ve chosen to visit Nick & Hannah’s Happy Hog Farm. Our farm is the result of a dream we’ve had for years to be able to provide Whatcom County residents with delicious, locally raised pork products from pigs that are well loved. We’ve always disliked the idea of how the meat we buy at the grocery store is grown and how the farmers who grow it are treated by food industry corporations. This is why we’ve been growing our own meat for years. We really do love our pigs from birth to well…….. you know. Whether you’re buying a Christmas ham, pork chops, a slab of bacon or some ham hocks for Grandma’s famous split pea soup, you can rest assured knowing the animal that provided for you was well loved and taken care of right here in Whatcom County.

Our Pigs

Our pigs all come from registered Berkshire breeding stock and are some of the coolest pigs in Whatcom County. We make sure all of our hogs get ample scratches from Nick, Hannah and anyone else who stops by the farm.

Our Philosophy

Happy pigs taste better, it’s a scientific fact! Did you know that when stress hormones are released into an animal it actually makes their meat taste different? When pigs get stressed out, stress hormones break down glycogen which makes the meat pale, acidic and crumbly. So, while we keep our pigs happy for ethical reasons, it just tastes better too!